(Mis)Adventures In Game Development – The Fourth Is Strong In This One

goroclassicSeptember 1994. I was ten years old, barely able to tie my shoe laces. By this time, I’d already entered Goro’s Lair twice (if Electronic Arts, Berkshire was indeed to be considered a lair inhabited by an underpant-clad demon).

Alas, Stick Man had tried his best, to no avail. Round one to EA.

Super F-14 Tomcat showed great potential, only to be dealt the equivalent of a pit fatality in the final moments. Double flawless victory.

Two months as a game designer and I’d already been hung out to dry. Cruelly defeated by one woman and her exquisite office stationary. I was at a complete loss. What could I do?

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The Letter Through the Door

It was the morning of the 23rd September 1994, I was ten years old and this letter arrived in the post:EA Envelope

Electronic Arts UK had written back to me in response to my first foray into the world of video game design.

What followed in the coming years was an insight into the world of 16-bit game development, correspondence with some of the gaming greats of their era (mainly receptionists), freebie t-shirts in the mail and all the free gaming posters a school kid could ever desire.

Join me in the coming days for the first installment of (Mis)adventures in Game Development, a fascinating tale of one school kid’s desire to take on the gaming giants, armed only with a biro, a wad of A4 paper, an incomplete set of Berol felt-tip pens and a book of stamps (we’re talking pre-email here people).

It’s gonna be so retro, your floppy disk drives will be screeching from beyond the grave.