Through the Pages of Time

IMG_3521In the Mega Drive’s early to mid-90s heyday, my fascination with the console was matched by one other obsession – gaming magazines. From Games Master, Sega Pro to Sega Power and Mean Machines Sega I couldn’t get enough of these publications, their glossy covers, freebies, and not forgetting those all-important cheats sections.

As much as I loved these magazines, they ultimately lived a short life, either damaged by younger siblings, lost through the loan to school friends, or cut up and stuck upon my bedroom wall. Although, as you can tell from the image above, a lucky few managed to make it intact.

Despite my regrettably throw-away attitude to my magazines back in the day, my 10 to 11 year old self was still aware of how treasured the contents of these magazines would be in the months and years to come. This in mind, I began compiling the best (and some of the more obscure) features, reviews and listings from the height of the era.

It began on a summer holiday visit to Italy in 1995, where I picked up a hardback Photo 02-08-2013 11 41 36 (1)diary from a local market. What was to follow was an entire summer, leafing through my gaming magazines, hand writing and copying out articles related to some of my favourite Mega Drive news and releases. Do not be fooled by the cheesy 90s footballing nature of this book’s cover, contained within its covers is total retrogaming gold, as a glance over its contents page reveals. Continue reading


Rise of the Underdog – The Mega Drive’s Top Five Unsung Heroes

GalsiaAlex Kidd, Sonic the Hedgehog, Joe Musashi and Jelly Boy – four characters with one thing in common – legendary retrogaming status. Each a hero in their own right, punching, speeding and slashing their way through their respective gaming worlds. Their mission? To save the day again and again. Their purpose? Just being damn cool (or a foodstuff, in the case of Jelly Boy. Let’s forget we mentioned him/it). 

I was playing Streets of Rage 2 the other day, when something incredibly rare happened – I was killed. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been graced by Streets of Rage’s ‘game over’ screen on countless occasions, but this time it was different. This time, I was slayed by Galsia. GALSIA!!

I hate to put a guy down, but Galsia was pathetic. How he came under the employment of Mr X, I will never know. Yet, as the screen faded to black and the Sega logo reappeared, I suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of respect for the little guy. “Good on you, you limp-wristed little urchin,” I thought to myself “Good on you.” Although I’d been defeated by an underdog, I’d been defeated by one of the Mega Drive’s prime cuts, the filet mignon of gaming’s unsung heroes.

Let us continue as we delve deeper, uncovering my personal top five of the Mega Drive’s seemingly insignificant minions, who deserve just that little bit more attention. Continue reading