@MegaBitesBlog on Twitter

KolibriRemember those dark days when all we had to communicate was the humble landline telephone, postcards, written letters, tin cans connected with string and walkie talkies that made those awful bleeping noises? Thankfully, those days are over and we’re graced by modern communication – smartphones, the Internet, social media and – more to the point – Twitter! “Beep!” Who was that?

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed a small menu on the right-hand side of this blog entitled ‘Mega Bites on Twitter’. Essentially, it’s a live feed of the @MegaBitesBlog Twitter account and I welcome you all to come and follow.

Followers can expect daily Mega Drive chat, retro gaming ramblings and news of the latest developments concerning Sega’s 16-bit super-console. Just don’t go expecting updates of what I had for breakfast that morning*.

MegaBites Blog on Twitter – All things, all memories, all Sega Mega Drive.


*Jam on toast.


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